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27 September 2010 @ 06:44 am
I love my elder sister.  
WARNING: Please refrain from thinking this is a fanfic.

Title: I'm inlove my elder sister.
Pairing: Me and her
Genre: one shot
Disclaimer: I own every cosmetics I mentioned here. Lol xD
Warning: nc 13 for anger

Gaahh! I really wish my sister would stop borrowing/sharing cosmetics with me. It's not like I'm being stingy about it but hey I'm prettily concerned about the bacteria being transferred and proliferated on each other face whenever her fingers or skin contacts with it. I hated it when she used her index finger to dip on my mouse which I had decided to finally stop using since she molested it already while I'm asleep. Many times have I warned her, now she's using my bb creams. Gaah! I know mines not that expensive and it is packed in a tube container, needless to say it won't spread bacteria that easily but still it will.. My instict says so plus the fact that she pressed it then therefore when it'll be my turn to pressed it myself I will be getting the oil from her hand. Just imagine the oil and dirt be transferred to one another? Plus my lip balm got foul odor, good thing I switched onto pink colored lippie and she hated it 101%! Okay, I got stressed up whenever she does this kind of ritual to pissed me off or to really pissed me more! I do not want to appear super extremely over reacting (reduntant) or feeling like a true diva, I just want my things not to be touched by anyone especially if it concerns with my hygiene.
In addition, I'll make it a point not to use my bare hands/fingers to touch my face. The heat from your fingers will stimulate your oil gland to produce more oils therefore "Irishaimasen!" (excerpt from Ninomiya in every Arashi concert ^^) to a newly zit formed. My skin is highly sensitive, it is not perfect, (even idols doesn't we all just rely on make ups and facials ) I break out very easily. Although not the kind of huge zits but still I always get some closed comedones whenever my cosmetics are being spoiled by her. Feel the anger? Nah.. I don't despise her that much. I just hated her ways. Okay so she is the kind of a woman who don't know anything about being a lady (I'm not saying I am okay? xD). Zero sense. It was my obsession to get clear skin just like when I was in my teenage years wherein lots of my age got acne and all had asked me why I don't have, what I used on my face and such. Really stress is the real accomplice of sebum/oil glands who happened to be the guilty culprit on having zits. To make my rants short, stress has a major role on making the condition of acne worse. So if my sister would finally realized how destructable her ways are, she would stop buy her own, use her own things and we will surely live a happy-ever-after-stress-free-life!

P.s. Tomorrow we'll be visiting a facial spa. No I don't have zits at the moment it's just kinda rough to touch especially around the cheeks area maybe I should blame my new expoliator then. Anyways I love everybody and my sister! (just hated her a while now it all faded away, lol)

Sorry for being kinda biatch in this post..

Let's love ourselves even more for nobody can equate it, only but God!

Jaa ne~~ >('-'o)
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marishintonimarishintoni on September 27th, 2010 12:37 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately she is. She's too attached with the things I owned. She really pisses me off. *sighs*
Ne, sorry Leng chan for ranting on u..