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21 November 2008 @ 02:32 pm
Johnny's e's blackhole.  
Spread the love! Love the boys!

T'was march 2008 when I had first watched the Japanese series[hyd] and OMG!*squeels* I got so mesmerized by the fact that Matsujun is the lead guy there. Hmm, I guess it's all thanks to matsumoto jun. I pr0mise to be je's forever supp0rter!

Hontouni! Arigato ne, DO-S. Mwah to all fangirls of johnny's...<3 u all.

**right now, I am here with my sis watching "LAST FRIENDS"
I'm frightened as the lead girl.. Oh my Gawd, Ryo I'm okay with beating up if it's you.. Lol xD

Oh I'm missing Matsujun today. Hayy.. Promise to see him in the near future. No matter how impossible it is. :D
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